Christian Fein

Affiliate Consultant


If one thing is for sure: everything is in constant change. Individuals as well as Organisations and every kind of „Systems“ are subject to continuous change. The only question is: are you heading in the right direction?

The key to successful change is found in the individual person as in the system. Only if the individual has the necessary competencies and the organisational framework offers the possibility to drive change, can it be executed and implemented in a beneficial way. Company culture is thus a determining factor for change- and innovation-processes. Innovation and change is always exploring new territory and only if the system - a whole organisation or a team - is providing security to the individual, individuals interact constructively and people are actively engaged, can change be mastered and properly executed.

With enthusiasm and a solution-focussed approach I do support executives, teams and organisations to master and execute change and innovation. Individual coachings do serve to explore and then integrate your potential in your life. With teams and organisations we develop your very individual solutions to fit your organisation and targets, that the individual person as well as the group can fully contribute their potential and competencies.


Before aergon

The first 15 years of my career I worked as a „classic“ Management Consultant in Germany and the UK in international position. My focus was strategy, post-merger-integration and the development of new business models for mobile technologies. In this position I served clients in Asia, Middle East, Europe as well as North- and South-America. My last position was the setup of a Joint-Venture in The Netherlands, which I led as Managing Director.

I always had a deep interest in psychology and systemic thinking. So 10 years ago I started „fresh“ and immersed myself in numerous educational programmes. Solution-focused therapy, systemic hypnosis, Acceptance- and Commitment-Therapy (ACT!) as well as systemic organisational consulting are just a few to mention to further develop my knowledge and expertise in these fields. Since then I am supporting people and organisations as coach, organisational consultant and also guiding people in meditation.


Alongside aergon

Reading and music - I can not get enough of it. I really do love reading all kinds of books from non-fiction to fiction to poetry. And then there is music: from opera to jazz. To relax and find balance in my life, Munich is offering me the perfect surrounding for hiking or skiing. And most of all I very much appreciate South Tyrol, where I am as often as possible, to be deeply impressed by the magnificient landscape. Here I can fully unwind.