Team workshops

These workshops provide a platform of trust and goodwill where members of the leadership team, as guardians of the system, can align themselves to form a community of shared values. Here, they work both with and for each other and act as role models for all other teams. We follow the principle of working “from up-set to set-up”, enabling participants to come to terms with the current situation, to put the past behind them and to generate the energy needed to move forward in the new direction. At the same time, the leadership team learns that conflicts are a normal and healthy part of a corporate culture, and practices finding solutions based on goodwill that do justice to all concerned. During this process, we also explain systemic topics – these provide clarity from outside, which is then internalized by the team and its individual members, helping to engender inner calm.

Here, a culture survey is particularly useful for identifying current and desired values and behaviors and it can be used as a springboard for targeted discussion.